Xorbia Tickets


Paint a Spectacle.

To showcase an event, you need to parade it. Xorbia needed a more visual, engaging, and robust UI for their ticketing process. My team at 352 worked on their overhaul.

Our target demographic was young adults who are innately social. They love to experience first-hand and be in the moment. So, it was key to create energy through vibrant imagery and often present the social side of the event. For example, display all attendees including those in your specific friend group. And, make it easy to reach out to your network.


NS-5 Copy 5.jpg

Details matter too..

Immediate and prominent, please answer where, when, and how much? Our decision to keep this information at the top of the page was deliberate.

Follow this with more visual and social engagement. And, if the user is not sold on a particular event - give them options.



Artboard 2 Copy 3.jpg


Are there other events? Yes. Many. The Calendar and Listings page designs were flexible for mobile, as 65% of Xorbia users make hand-held decisions.

And, cost was the "deciding factor". In the card UI I made a point to have this input stand-alone, while the photo, title, and details were grouped together. A directional CTA brought users to the Event page where they would then move on to make a purchase.


Ticketing. Simple & Secure.

Smart UI patterns were established to consolidate relevant information and group material based on content. Such organization also helps users make mental check-points as they scroll down the page. 

Clean, readable, and splashed with the spot color blue to mark action points, the ticketing process gathered all necessary inputs concisely. The interface is friendly, helpful, and secure.



Slow dance.

A subtle "congrats" and a soft buzz of social options allowed the consumer to settle into their purchase and pay appreciation to Xorbia, the event company, and their network.