Mizuno is a brand representing passionate athletes motivated by world-class performance. All of their products reflect this mindset. As such, the design for their email initiative was built to showcase refined ability, deliberate detail, and highly specialized craft.

Mizuno Main

Wave tech

At their core, each email was constructed to engage users with the Mizuno brand and inundate them with action-oriented aesthetics and information.

The goal of this design was to demonstrate the innovative nature of the technology.

Wave Tech

Targeted emails

Each sport had visuals  created to reach individual segments of the brand's 280,000+ subscribers.


Road Race

Over 60,000 participants run in the Peachtree Road Race based in Atlanta, GA on the 4th of July every year. It's the largest 10k race in the world. 

Mizuno was the official footwear and apparel partner for the event. Along with promoting the significance of the long-distance sprint, our mission was to present the custom shoe designed specifically for the race.



Every email was designed to fit responsively for desktop and mobile. 



"We believe in the transformative power of sports." This is the Mizuno brand maxim. Our work with the company tightly followed this mantra to pursue the creation of high-end campaigns.