Phunware has been in the business of creating mobile apps and digital products for nine years now. And as their wheelhouse expanded, they needed a design system to produce consistent UX and modern UI.

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All for phun

Cake was the name affectionately given to our design system by a developer, who said they had been naming all of their dev projects after food. I loved it. 

A whimsical name to fit our "Phun" brand.

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When I joined, the Analytics module was being overhauled. I was given a packet of wireframes (59 pages!). Everything from the UX of pie chart expandables, to the pixel height of the table cells were left to me to set standards for.

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After establishing a base with my work on Analytics, I applied the new growing guidelines on redesigns of other products like Map Editor and App Builder.

Each product rebuilt from the ground up. We user tested with a core team weekly, and iterated in sprint cycles based on constant feedback.

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Working tightly with the dev team, we discovered what it meant to build Cake as a living system...

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Each new product presented alternative applications for existing components.

When a unique user experience arose that demanded flexibility of existing UI, we made sure to apply it in three other instances before setting  a "rule" in the design system.




Hours of whiteboarding, sketching, presenting,
revising, revising, collaborating.

Scores of dynamic and interactive user flows.

We know we've built great products because
they get burned until they fire-proof..

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8-pt Grid

Every piece of Cake is constructed following the 8-pt grid structure.. And currently we have a full React library available online for dev access.

8 point copy.png

With Cake, Phunware's product design process has significantly increased in speed, usability, consistency, and visual appeal.